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Monday, 6 July 2015

At risk of death, will expose Chief Minister Chouhan: Vyapam whistle-blower News Today 6 july 2015

Despite more than 10 alleged threats and attempts to kill him - the most recent allegedly warned he would be "cut into pieces" - Ashish Trivedi says he will not be shaken from his mission: "Even if I die as a result, I want to name the big fish - starting with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan."

Mr Trivedi, 26, a social activist, has emerged as one of four key whistle-blowers for the investigation into what is known as the Vyapam scam, which has escalated into a national controversy with the deaths of 35 people linked to the scandal. Recently, a local court ordered that he be given security for the rest of his life by the Madhya Pradesh police. "I will be the next mysterious death," he said to NDTV today in an interview in his neighbourhood in Gwalior.
Reports of the Vyapam scam first erupted in 2013 and were pivoted on bribes being paid to top politicians and bureaucrats in exchange for allowing proxy candidates to take the qualifying exams for government jobs. The premise of the scam may seem simple, but the steady racking up of deaths of those who were questioned, accused, or listed as witnesses have led to allegations of a dark and ruthless cover-up.
Over the weekend, journalist Akshay Singh, who was reporting on the scam, died soon after he began frothing at the mouth while conducting an interview. "I spoke to him just two hours before that," Mr Trivedi told NDTV, "he was collecting evidence to expose powerful people. His death is suspicious".
Mr Singh's death on Saturday was followed by Sunday morning's discovery in a Delhi hotel of the dead body of Arun Sharma, the dean of a medical college who, the police says, was furnishing important evidence about students and the people they bribed.  The weekend deaths - No 34 and 35 in what is being called a "killer scam" - has led the opposition Congress to amplify the demand for the inquiry to be transferred to the CBI, with the supervision of the Supreme Court, a request that has also been made by whistle-blowers including Mr Chaturvedi.
They say it is impossible to trust the current investigation by a special team of the Madhya Pradesh police under the supervision of the Jabalpur High Court. 
"When I went to give important information to an official, he told me, 'This whole well is laced with bhaang (intoxicant).  If you too drink from it, you can also enjoy the high'."  Mr Chautrvedi told NDTV that politicians from both the Congress and the BJP were involved with the Vyapam scam.

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