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Monday, 6 July 2015

Copper wires found in chocolate bars NewsToday 7 july 2015

Udhagamandalam (TN): With the controversy surrounding Maggi noodles still fresh in public mind, a student at this famous hill resort today reportedly found copper wires in some bars of a chocolate he had purchased.
Shebu, whose father is an All India Radio staffer here, said he had purchased 12 bars of 'Heart Zone' chocolates from a shop in Fingerpost here for his friends. However on opening it, he found copper wires in it.
They opened another one and found two wires in that bar too, he said.
He then rang up the customer care to complain about it, but the person at the other end claimed it could not be their products as many duplicate brands were flooding the market and disconnected the line.
Shebu said he would take up the matter with the district administration and consumer cell.
Maggi noodles were banned in India on June 5 by the central food safety regulator FSSAI over presence of lead beyond permissible limit as well as taste enhancer mono sodiumglutamate (MSG).
Meanwhile, food cell inspector Dr Ravi said the department had so far not received any complaint in this regard.
Once they receive such complaints, samples would be taken and if the tests prove the charges right, stringent action would be taken, he said.

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