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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hema Malini's driver arrested after car accident in Jaipur,News Today 3 july 2015

Bharatiya Janata Party MP and actor Hema Malini's driver has been arrested after an accident in Rajasthan Thursday night in which a child was killed and two others injured.

The Mathura MP was returning to Jaipur after a visit to the Mehendipur Balaji temple in Karauli district when her Mercedes rammed into an Alto at the Lalsot bypass on the highway. The family travelling in the car were residents of Lalsot, police said.Hema Malini, who was sitting in the front seat, sustained injuries on her forehead, cheek, and legs. She was rushed to the Fortis Hospital in Jaipur  where doctors conducted a CT scan and then administered stitches on her wounds, a source in the hospital said.

Hema Malini's car at the accident site.
A neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon are treating the injury on her face and she will be kept in the hospital overnight under observation. Doctors said her condition was out of danger.
The hospital will hold a press conference on Hema Malini's condition at 11:45am on Friday.Others injured, including a two year old child, were initially taken to a hospital in Dausa from where they were later referred to Jaipur.

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