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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Raees teaser: Shah Rukh Khan's badass don avatar will leave you in awe

Shah Rukh Khan has got a way about him that just cannot be ignored. Even the ones who do not indulge in the Shah Rukh Khan fandom somehow have to take notice when the 'King Khan' says 'mujhe jangli billiyan bohot pasand hai', or rides around in a caravan with a baba, or raises a hockey stick to the crowd, or even when he raises his arms in his signature pose.

This time, in the just-out Raees teaser, Shah Rukh, sporting 'surma' in his eyes, a 'taabiz' around his neck, a generous stubble and an abundance of attitude, not only demands, but deserves attention.

The Raees teaser, will, true to its name, tease Shah Rukh's fans, confessed and closeted alike, as it looks nothing like Shah Rukh has ever done before. Moving away from the quintessential romantic hero role, Shah Rukh looks like he means 'business' in this film. He even says, "Dhande se bada koi dharm nahi hota."

Raees is set in 1980s Gujarat and Shah Rukh plays the role of a bootlegger who lives and works on his own terms. While SRK will be seen in the titular role, the film also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in her Bollywood debut.

The film is directed by Rahul Dholakia and will be released on Eid, 2016. The teaser starts with the sound of beer bottles rolling on the asphalt and ends with Shah Rukh saying, "aa raha hun". Well, come fast, Shah Rukh. Because we can't wait.

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