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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Woman Stripped Naked in Jammu and Kashmir, Abuse Captured on Video

A woman was stripped naked and harassed by a group of five men in Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur district earlier this week. The accused even shot a video when they were stripping the woman, the police has said.
"A woman was stripped in full public view by five people in Jaganoo area of Udhampur. The accused recorded the incident on a mobile phone camera... it has gone viral on Whatsapp," Udhampur District Commissioner said.
The woman was reportedly riding pillion on a motorcycle with a male friend when the five men allegedly intercepted the bike and started misbehaving with her.
When she resisted, the accused overpowered her and stripped her.
In the video, the woman and her friend are subjected to intense torture by the accused. The woman can be heard pleading with the gang to let he go, but the accused are seen threatening with a stick and abusing her.
The woman has lodged a complaint with the police. Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

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