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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Xolo announced launching of it’s new sub brand Black on 10 July News Today 4 july 2015

Company is about to launch it’s new Black smartphone. This smartphone have a good battery as you can see in it’s official Teaser video.
Xolo listed about this new smartphone on their official website. This smartphone will be available on Flipkart. It will be priced about Rs. 15,000. This first Black smartphone is will have 4G support and will run on Android Lollipop.
Main features of this smartphone will it’s Camera and Battery. It will come with a strong battery with better life. We expect Dual rear Camera in this smartphone with depth sense support. With this type of camera we can picture real life objects and can find their dimensions and can do more other coll things with that object.
View more: (www.mobingo.in/news)

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